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Welcome to our very first art gallery. It features 6 unique works from Berlin-based artists. When you buy a return ticket to Berlin, the artwork is included. Which is quite convenient since you have to pick up your art piece at a gallery in Berlin. You can also add an extra return-ticket for a friend. So if you see anything you like, it´s definitely your ticket. Enjoy your trip. And the artwork.


Buy & Fly.

At Lufthansa we consider it an art to offer you a good deal. So if you buy an art piece in this web-shop, a return-ticket to Berlin comes with the price. Choose your favorite, pay and fly to Berlin. We wish you an inspiring visit. Have fun, and don´t forget to bring the best of Berlin with you home.

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Helsinki to Berlin.

Make an artistic trip from Helsinki to Berlin. Pick an art piece that suits your style, and see if the departure suits your schedule. The price includes both the artwork and a return ticket. As always with Lufthansa you can expect only the best, when it comes to quality and service. Both on the ground and up in the air. Enjoy your flight.

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Pick up your artwork.

When you buy an artwork it will be reserved in your name. To pick it up, simply stop by gallery Essays & Observations during your stay in Berlin. Show the information-email you get with your purchase and you will get all the help you need. On your flight home, our cabin crew will take care of your piece of art. A first-class-treatment, for a first-class work of art.

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Caroline Kryzecki is a Berlin based artist working with painting and drawing in an experimental way. Her geometrical works mostly consist of daily life materials like ballpoint pens and industrial lacquer. Kryzecki was master student of Robert Lucander and Daniel Richter at the University of the Arts Berlin. In 2012 she stayed on a six months residency by the Berlin Senate in Istanbul. Exhibitions include solo and group shows at Polistar, ArtInternational Istanbul and AUTOCENTER, Berlin.


Jarkko Räsänen is a Berlin/Helsinki based media artist working with photography, video, sound installations and software design. He is interested in human machine interaction and in the concept of realism in relation to audiovisual media.

He studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and University of the Arts, Berlin. In 2012 he exhibited at the Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki.

Stefan Guzy &
Björn Wiede

Stefan Guzy & Björn Wiede, also known as „Zwölf“ are a team since 2000 and design everything from posters, books, exhibitions to the scenography for film. They are dedicated to the simple tools of design: good typography and the choice of material. Their main focus is the development of new printing techniques.

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Please not that this discount can not be used when purchasing the art/flight packages on this site.

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